Break on through… to the other side!

Digital composite of woman emerging from lavaThis past week provided the breakthrough that I’ve been needing – at last!

After almost 3 weeks of free improvisation, meditation, watching inspiring movies, and developing new ideas, I suddenly found myself discovering a beautiful new theme at the piano – which I’m calling the “La Strada Theme”.  It has a sense of drama, anticipation, wonder, and awe.

And, as always, it sounds nothing like I imagined when I first dreamed up this album project.  It sounds MUCH better!

Much like he did 3 years ago, Russel Walder has saved this project from being a real disappointment, and has helped me transform it into something deep, soulful, and meaningful.  Something that we can both be very proud of once it’s out in the world.

And so, with that, we are ready to jump into the RPM Challenge 2015 – and get all of the music composed in 28 days.  With a proposed album length of 42 minutes (and with only 3 minutes complete so far), this means that I need to compose 1:23 of new music every day.

I accept the challenge!

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